Ariana Grande - 7 rings (Live From The Billboard Music Awards / 2019)
7 rings (Live at The Billboard Music Awards / 2019)

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  • Harlie

    I loooove that live 💜

  • Diana

    Wow! Amazing can you please tell me how you edit??🙏

  • Abebe Fresh
    Abebe Fresh

    Nice song

  • huevadas al azar xdxd
    huevadas al azar xdxd

    Does someone knows if bts reaction to this¿? Lol

  • Drama & Music Lover
    Drama & Music Lover

    I'm not an arianator but still love this song 😊😍

  • 나는 고구마 알러지 나문희
    나는 고구마 알러지 나문희


  • Yaneth Ortiz de leon
    Yaneth Ortiz de leon

    Inquisitormaster was there

  • José Gouveia
    José Gouveia


  • José Gouveia
    José Gouveia


  • José Gouveia
    José Gouveia


  • José Gouveia
    José Gouveia


  • José Gouveia
    José Gouveia


  • José Gouveia
    José Gouveia


  • José Gouveia
    José Gouveia


  • José Gouveia
    José Gouveia


  • José Gouveia
    José Gouveia


  • José Gouveia
    José Gouveia


  • Dušan Ivánek
    Dušan Ivánek

    I love you adriana grande🥰

  • more of siredxo
    more of siredxo

    casually singing this song with 46 cents in my bank account

  • Andrew Stone
    Andrew Stone

    7 rings kind of like Tom Brady, that's why they're both the GOAT

  • Kolya Hovhannisyan
    Kolya Hovhannisyan

    i crying ...when lessen this song....2021 year who like this

  • Anzan

    I'm watching this again like 4688478 times with a pain in my heart because I know that I'll never get to watch it live.

  • Kejsi Tema
    Kejsi Tema

    Let's agree this song is better live than in mv

  • moonlight ari
    moonlight ari

    And this ladies and gentlemen is what I call A QUEEN 👑 🥺

  • Justin Seagull
    Justin Seagull

    The fact that she is so grown up now..she is engaged too T-T Omo,it's so emotional!

  • Tamboura Ramatou
    Tamboura Ramatou


  • Tamboura Ramatou
    Tamboura Ramatou


  • jinxer !
    jinxer !

    The crowd singing kills me😻

  • Jacob Lescallette
    Jacob Lescallette

    I remember watching this performance during the Billboard Awards when I was 11 going on 12 in May 2019 and I was like Omg Ariana’s on TV

  • Gabriel Cetin
    Gabriel Cetin

    Love uuuuu Queen

  • Isha Mehrin
    Isha Mehrin


  • Patricia Rodarte
    Patricia Rodarte

    I love this song

  • beth campbell
    beth campbell

    1:13-1:16 i- IM ADDICTED

  • Betül Martinez
    Betül Martinez

    iconic girrrlll💗

  • Betül Martinez
    Betül Martinez

    I love this look💕

  • Vid eo
    Vid eo

    So happy she got engaged! She deserves happiness

  • Santiago Medina Pastrana
    Santiago Medina Pastrana

    Gooddess 👑💅

  • Trinity Bair
    Trinity Bair

    I have so much more respect for her than other celebrities because she can actually sing and she actually PERFORMS. She dances while rapping what a queen

  • هِيّنرِي.


  • Natasha Figueredo
    Natasha Figueredo

    The difference between this and K-pop performances is UNBELIEVABLE, wow, no hate. Just appreciating the big difference 😳

    • Natasha Figueredo
      Natasha Figueredo

      @Park Jimin come on, that's not true 👁️👄👁️

    • Park Jimin
      Park Jimin

      Well kpop sucks except bts

  • Déborah Gomes Makeup
    Déborah Gomes Makeup


  • Azucena CQ
    Azucena CQ


  • ana


  • Its Monoloma
    Its Monoloma

    This song gives me serious Kylie Jenner vibes 🥴

  • Janaina Alves
    Janaina Alves

    Cadê os brasileiros??


    Fun fact:She do mistake in every concert😂

  • Levis Gómez
    Levis Gómez


  • Jeon Jung kook
    Jeon Jung kook

    Eu amo ariana grande 👁️👄👁️💅

  • Shoesie 007
    Shoesie 007

    You are watching in February 2021 right? King!👑🙌🏼

  • ava Jo
    ava Jo

    Wasnt she on tour or something during this?

  • Yoon Yoon
    Yoon Yoon

    Barbie girl 👧 😍😍😍😍

  • Paul K
    Paul K

    every white girls dream

  • Nadine Berthou
    Nadine Berthou


  • Aaron Masembura
    Aaron Masembura

    Ok isn't that ariana grande brother

  • Ivan alex Diaz
    Ivan alex Diaz

    Necesito esa chaqueta

  • Claire Anderson
    Claire Anderson

    oml how badly I want the Toulouse money

  • SSSugar Rush
    SSSugar Rush

  • Travis Vision
    Travis Vision

    She sounds different but still good

  • Shanti Longman
    Shanti Longman

    Organization this song give me nicest feeling ever OMG I love it

  • supakorn keaewjing
    supakorn keaewjing

    I like video 🤩😍

  • Ana Vitória Soares de Oliveira
    Ana Vitória Soares de Oliveira

    Julianna Duru singing

    • Ana Vitória Soares de Oliveira
      Ana Vitória Soares de Oliveira

      Poliana Poliana a noite

  • Lonny Park
    Lonny Park

    0:22 so sexy moment

  • Exploring with Alex Gervacio
    Exploring with Alex Gervacio

    Been through some bad shit I should be a sad bitch 😭 Who would of thought it turned me into a savage 😈 story of my life 🤍

  • Shravani Chavan
    Shravani Chavan

    Whoaaaa she's lit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍😍🤘🤘🤘♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Nhật Vũ Quang
    Nhật Vũ Quang

    toi di hut can k em \

  • dora turtle
    dora turtle

    She is so powerful!!!!!!

    • Aaishanya BTS army
      Aaishanya BTS army



    El canto de todo el público mientras ella también canta :O era un hit

  • Sanfora fofa
    Sanfora fofa


  • Anvesha Srivastava
    Anvesha Srivastava

    How many think it sounds like one direction's our moment?

  • Sly Gale
    Sly Gale

    This song gives me so much self love, self worth, and power vibes like when i listen to this i say to myself. "I'm worth no money babe, i'm so much more than that. Bye boo!"

  • yumeko jabamim.123
    yumeko jabamim.123

    Creo que soy el único comentario en español:^

    • Scarlett Figueroa
      Scarlett Figueroa

      Nop acá no estas solo :"D

  • TheFightingCat

    Ariana is such a queen she's amazing and the queen of pop

  • Anika I love your music videos Farris
    Anika I love your music videos Farris


  • katty trejo panezo
    katty trejo panezo

    Ariana Grande your name is spanish Ariana you speak spanish?

  • Chadrick Fisher
    Chadrick Fisher

    Tom Brady’s new anthem

  • Branden

    It was the bttm dancing for me

  • virginia carvalho
    virginia carvalho

    Se fosse no Brasil tava todo mundo gritando

    • esther 123
      esther 123

      Realmente ksksksk

  • Charles Wynn (Student)
    Charles Wynn (Student)

    Omg i love u

  • faith plays
    faith plays

    this si the swwrerner dance

  • Sofia Sonata
    Sofia Sonata

    "Wearing a ring, but ain't gon' be no "Mrs." " Dalton: 👁👄👁

  • Dan Clarke
    Dan Clarke

    “Live” Yeah like anyone believes that.

    • Dan Clarke
      Dan Clarke

      @Ayano Aishi so you were part of the stage crew?

    • Ayano Aishi
      Ayano Aishi

      Yeah everybody KNOWS that except you ;)

    • Wy

      it is live

    • Dan Clarke
      Dan Clarke

      @arianaupdates let me know once you learn to communicate with actual words.

  • Noora Adnan
    Noora Adnan

    Anyone in 2021

  • Noora Adnan
    Noora Adnan

    This was my favourite song yeah

  • أنس الضماد
    أنس الضماد


  • Dmari Warmington
    Dmari Warmington

    I love this 😃😄😁👍👍

  • Eduardo Cunha
    Eduardo Cunha

    Sigam o canal infantil da minha filha pessoal. @Like Bela Muito obrigado!

  • Eden Winifred Benson
    Eden Winifred Benson

    Ummm? Idk what to say except I I love it

  • Rabeeh Gaming
    Rabeeh Gaming

    I love this song and your voice is so good

  • Maga Minasyan
    Maga Minasyan


  • shankees

    none of the people singing along can get what they want and ariana is getting what she wants because of that just imagine how much was her payement for this show

  • Veera Srinivasan
    Veera Srinivasan

    only she can carry off those high heels mate

  • Alvie Alfera
    Alvie Alfera

    The year before pandemic 🥺

  • Mỹ Linh 700K Vào Timbanvn xyz
    Mỹ Linh 700K Vào Timbanvn xyz

    06:32 Tôi đứng nơi đó để nước mắt hoà vào mưa 🕰

  • Froggie Boo
    Froggie Boo

    I swear some people be like “TOP 10 WORST MOMENTS OF ARIANA GRANDE” and then says “ HER HAIR WAS IN THE WAY” like ;-;

    • Akun Spammers
      Akun Spammers


  • Freak Gueimer
    Freak Gueimer

    Ariana grande é pequena kkkk

  • Elena Chesnokova
    Elena Chesnokova


  • Kevin Mañalac
    Kevin Mañalac

    This COVID shit should be over cause I need to experience this.

    • Xx_Coochie_Man_xX

      Same my guy same

  • Rodrigo Paiva
    Rodrigo Paiva

    Quem gosta de ouvir ariana grande da link

  • Doreen Oguma
    Doreen Oguma

    i jus love the live crowd no screams buh softly sings

  • Crabstick 004
    Crabstick 004


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